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Life Ball 2012

The warming floral bouquet for Life Ball 2012

KLIMESCH for Moments supports Life Ball and important HIV/AIDS projects with a specially created floral bouquet. KLIMESCH for Moments created a Live Ball floral bouquet for the first time this year to show its commitment to the fight against AIDS. Klimesch for Moments has incorporated a red ribbon to show its support for Aids Hilfe Vienna. Every time a bouquet is purchased we take a stand in the fight against HIV/AIDS. These floral bouquets are available at all MERKUR stores.

The theme of this year's Life Ball is fire - that is why Klimesch for Moments chose the colors orange and red for its creation.

When you purchase a Life Ball bouquet, you are not only purchasing a colorful floral greeting, but you are giving back - a portion of the proceeds from each sale is donated to AIDS LIFE, the sponsor of Life Ball.

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