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Company History

1951    Otto Klimesch founds the company. In Kittsee im Burgenland he founds
            his own nursery, which first specializes in peach trees.

1955    Transition and specialization in cut roses

1995    After completion of his studies at the Langenlois School of Agriculture,
           son Lukas Klimesch becomes operational manager.

1996     Luba Klimesch establishes an import company for roses from Ecuador.
            Klimesch is the first direct importer of Ecuadorian roses in Austria.

1999     Import company is renamed "Klimesch Rosen Handels GmbH." Lukas
            Klimesch becomes managing director.

2006    Purchasing office in Ecuador is created.

2007    New, expanded operational center in Vienna opens.
           Cooperation with C&L Flora in Hungary, which takes over production
           of the floral products. Nora Klimesch becomes partner
           of Klimesch Rosen Handels GmbH.

2009    New office and production site with
           1,200 square meters in Szolnok, Hungary opens.

2010   The office and production site in Hungary is expanded to 2,400
           square meters to include over 100 employees.

2011   The Klimesch for Moments brand is created exclusively for sales 
           by the REWE Group.
           Klimesch for Moments products are supplied to Billa Slovakia.

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